- Apple's filed over 200 patents, so you have to ask yourself... do you feel lucky punk?

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"We've been innovating like crazy for the last few years on this,
we filed for over 200 patents for all the inventions in
, and we intend to protect them. So, a lot of high
technology. I think we're advancing the state of the art in every
aspect of this design. So iPhone is like having your life in your
pocket. It's the ultimate digital device.
" - Steve Jobs, CEO
Apple Computer, MacWorld Keynote January 6, 2007

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BUSTED! now owned by Apple, Inc.

By iPW Admin on 30-Jun-07 15:34

There was a point recently, where the ads appearing on, began to cross the line of someone simply looking to run a business, and someone who was clearly deriving profit from Apple, Inc's joint trademark with Cisco.  The whole descent into ad-monger was detailed in a previous article, and is experted below.  Apparently, Apple has finally caught up with them, and however it has been worked out, the domain name now uses Apple's nameservers, and redirects to Apple's iPhone website joining is Apple's iPhone domain name portfolio.  It seems like this was only a matter of time, and could possibly have already been in progress when the ads began to show up last week. - Casualty of War: What to do with mistaken identity?

By iPW Admin on 23-Jun-07 16:48


It appears the destination of has become a recent casualty of war.  In the last week, the registrant of the domain name has decided to pack it in as a direct destination for the company that owns it, a business that has nothing to do with the Cupertino crusader.  Indeed, what would YOU do, if the domain name for your company began receiving an exhorbitant amount of non-converting visitors, only interested in someone else's product? 

iPhone AT&T Store Availability -- The Run Down

By iPW Admin on 17-Jun-07 13:24

the new at&t The details are beginning to crystallize on the availability of the iPhone on June 29th, 2007. For some, this will be the day that lived in infamy, for others it will be their short-lived moment in the sun, the envy of throngs of others.  Apparently, the 29th is being considered something of a "soft launch" for the iPhone.  AT&T spokesman Fletcher Cook confirmed that the phone will only be available through the company's stores (roughly 1800), and those of Apple itself (around 170). The following represents additional tips and info.

FCC Approves Apple's Bluetooth head phones for sale in the U.S.

By iPW Admin on 15-Jun-07 21:26

Apple iPhone Bluetooth HeadphonesProving how crucial its June timing was, it appears that the Bluetooth headset announced in January at the MacWorld convention alongside the iPhone, has finally received FCC approval. Much the same as its parent product, the FCC has granted Apple a period of time before which detailed product photos and information would not be disseminated to the public.  The device will carry the model number A1221 and the FCC ID BCGA1221.

OneTrip - first iPhone application, available now

By iPW Admin on 13-Jun-07 09:29

Oregon based developer Neven Mrgan has released the first public application for the iPhone.  Called OneTrip, the app allows users to make a quick shopping list from preselected commonly used items, or custom user-typed entries. While the iPhone is not yet available, Neven has constructed the application as best he is able, based on information already known to the public.  The information entered by the user is saved in a cookie so that it is available upon next visit.  Currently the website is only visit on Safari, and has been tested using Safari 3 BETA, available on Mac and Windows based computers.

Apple sounds the call, e-mails ask customers to prepare...

By iPW Admin on 13-Jun-07 03:27

 "Get Ready for iPhone", are the words written in an e-mail sent out to those signed up to be notified about the device being launched by Apple and at&t late this June.  "iPhone arrives June 29th" according to the e-mails that began going out on Tuesday according to the partners.  Aside from reiterating its numerous features, the e-mail goes on to detail numerous points regarding what customers might do to prepare themselves to start using their new iPhones.  Contacts, Calendar, Email, Photos, Music/

WWDC - Apple unveils Web 2.0 iPhone applications strategy

By iPW Admin on 11-Jun-07 22:10
iPhone at WWDC

Today at the Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference, the company unveiled its bold strategy for third party iPhone applications.  

Striking on multiple fronts, Apple announced the beta release of its Safari web browser for Windows XP and Windows Vista.  Ironically, while Microsoft discontinued development for the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer in June of 2003, withdrawing all support for the browser in 2005, Apple has begun to persue a markedly different growth strategy that has ultimately led to the release of its second major application to the Windows platform (iTunes being its first).  Joining other multiplatform browsers like, Firefox and Opera, Apple has identified support of the Windows platform as being of strategic importance to its desire for growth (currently comprising roughly 5% of the total browser market).

iPhone at the Movies - Video Rentals on the Way in the Fall

By iPW Admin on 10-Jun-07 21:02

iTunes Movie DownloadsAccording to a recent article in the Financial Times, Apple is in advanced talks with Hollywood's largest movie studios to enable iTunes users to play rented movies on their computers, as well as one additional device, like their iPhone.  The service, set to be released in the fall of 2007, would have consumers pay $2.99 for a 30-day rental.

The Future is Calling - iPhone spec ad soars

By iPW Admin on 10-Jun-07 19:28

The Future is CallingAmongst the storm of commercials for the Apple iPhone created by its growing fan-base, comes this gem from director Ryan Landels.  A spec ad done as a collaboration with producer Christina Ferguson and visual effects artist Phil Broste, "the Future is Calling" borrows from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, cutting together a shortened version of an existing sequence.  The Monolith, from the film, was the perfect stand-in for what would be images of the iPhone rendered in 3D and composited into the scenes. 


Mobile phone innovators ask FCC to remove roadblocks

By iPW Admin on 10-Jun-07 04:02

Federal Communications CommissionForbes has run a story informing readers that this year, the FCC is set to auction off another block of the wireless spectrum. According to the publication, if a band of "technology veterans" and "wireless entrepreneurs" have their way, the FCC will reserve part of that spectrum as a "sandbox" for innovative companies. This notion is not at all something put out by starry-eyed idealists either, and has taken the form of an open letter to the FCC on Thursday...


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